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Annex Group B

Group B: Designing an awareness-raising campaign on Holocaust distortion

Guiding questions

  • Who are you trying to reach through this campaign? In order to answer the followings questions it can be useful to think about the audience in terms of age, hobbies, where they live, what their interests are, how they spend their free time, what they read/watch/consume, who their opinion leaders are, etc.
  • What platforms and channels can be used to reach a diverse audience? How can the campaign target both online and offline spaces? How can the campaign creatively convey the dangers and consequences of Holocaust distortion while engaging the audience emotionally and intellectually?
  • What types of content—videos, infographics, testimonials, etc.—can be used to communicate the importance of historical accuracy?
  • How can the campaign leverage social media platforms and influencers to amplify its reach and encourage discussions around the topic?
  • What practical steps should the campaign outline to encourage individuals to take action against Holocaust distortion, such as fact-checking and reporting misinformation?