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Concrete measures for preventing Holocaust distortion


  • To draft concrete measures that can be taken by various stakeholders to prevent Holocaust distortion
  • To discuss obstacles in implementing measures to prevent Holocaust distortion and ways to overcome them
  • To empower participants to think creatively about ways to address Holocaust distortion in various contexts
  • To reflect upon the potential of partnerships and collaboration for countering Holocaust distortion

Number of participants: 5–30
Duration: 90 minutes

Description of the activity:

  1. In this activity, the participants are invited to think of concrete measures for preventing Holocaust distortion. They are asked to work in three groups with each group focusing on one of the following tasks:
  2. Creating a local strategy for preventing and countering Holocaust distortion that can be implemented by the municipality in partnership with civil society.
  3. Designing an awareness-raising campaign on Holocaust distortion.
  4. Advocating for regulation in response to Holocaust distortion generated by AI.

The participants can choose the task, according to their interest. If another relevant task is identified by the participants, they may form a fourth group to address it. The trainer must ensure that the number of participants in each group is conducive to meaningful discussion and active participation (ideally 4-10 participants per group).

  1. Each group receives the handout with the guiding questions and has 45 minutes to address the task. Each group is invited to write their reflection on a padlet/flipchart.
  2. Each group presents the main ideas of their work and the trainer engages the participants in a debriefing discussion based on the following questions:
    • Was it challenging to come up with ideas for creating the guidelines/strategy/campaign?
    • To want extent do you think these plans can be put into practice by the different stakeholders?
    • Which entities can you collaborate with at local, national and international level in order to better address Holocaust distortion?
    • What do you think would be the main obstacles in the attempting to implementing such measures?
    • How do you think these challenges could be overcome?
  3. The trainer concludes by stating that the ramifications of Holocaust distortion are wide and complex, but so are the opportunities to address and counter them if we are committed to contribute to the development of societies in which truth and human dignity are valued and respected.


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