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Annex 1: Handout – My Action Plan on Countering Holocaust Distortion

Short-term measure

Something that can be included in the existing projects of the organization

Medium-term measure

Something that can be prepared for future projects of the organization

What is the aim of this measure?


Who will benefit from this measure?


In what way will these entities/groups benefit?


What are the specific actions that need to be taken to implement this measure?


Are there possible negative consequences of this measure? If so, what will you do to mitigate them?


Which stakeholders should be consulted before taking this measure?


What resources (financial, human, etc.) and support (from colleagues, experts, partners, collaborators, etc.) are needed in order to carry out this measure?


What is the envisaged timeline for the measure you are planning to take (start date, intermediary deadline(s), end date)?