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Current Forms of Manifestation of Holocaust Distortion: Group 3

Group 3

  • Statements that cast the Holocaust as a positive historical event suggesting that it did not go far enough:

Claiming that the Nazis were justified in their drive to exterminate the Jewish or Roma people.

  • Use of the term “Holocaust” in relation to current events with disregard to historical facts and context, in ways that downplay the systematic murder of the Jewish people in Europe. Irresponsible comparisons can distort the understanding of both contemporary phenomena and the Holocaust:

Appropriating the emotional and rhetorical force of the Holocaust in the service of a political, social or moral agenda by equating the Holocaust with another event, without regard for the integrity of the historical past or the suffering of the victims of the Holocaust.

Claiming equivalence between the Holocaust and unrelated contemporary events, genocides, and/or mass atrocities.